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Sweetheart Video – Lesbian Analingus

For this free sweetheart video we have two women with a passion for having sweet and sexy lesbian sex and they love to toy themselves anally as a bonus too. The cuties in question are Kristina Rose, a sexy and superb teen hottie that kept making a name for herself in the porn industry as of late and a regular that we have had here before , namely Jada Stevens, which will help Kristina with her pleasure session this fine afternoon. As you know by now we always aim to bring you the most amazing lesbian sex scenes and for this one we say that we outdid ourselves as both of these lovely hotties have some very naughty records.

So without any further dues sit back and enjoy this update with these crazy and lusty women. Just like any other superb sweetheartvideo scene they start off with passionate kisses and body caressing, and they continue to do so knowing that they tease their viewers, but hey that only makes for more quality entertainment, right? Then they get to the more serious and hot stuff, consisting of working on those eager and now wet cunts of theirs. So watch them fingering one another and then see them also lick each other’s asses as well, since the two little sluts enjoy that sort of thing too. Like always we hope you enjoyed, and see you soon guys. Bye!

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Sweetheart Video – Melissa Monet and Presley Hart

Another fresh week and time for another sweetheart video update. In this video we have some fresh content just for you. And we have two of the most sexy and desirable women that starred in this superb scene. They are Melissa Monet and Presley Hart. Miss Presley makes a comeback in this update and she’s back due to the fact that you guys loved her in her last appearance. As for the scene itself, well it’s quite the story. Turns out the two never met each other until earlier this week and as chance would have it, they were both shopping at the same store. And they got to know each other, and they also seem to have shared some private moments in the changing booth.

The two learned that they were suppose to star together today in a scene later and since they knew how good they felt last time, for this one the ladies intended to go all out. They don’t take long to get undressed and start working on one another eager pussies today and you simply can’t miss the show that the two put on this time. See them fuck each other until they both orgasm and cum together for some incredibly hot sweetheartvideo. that’s it for this one everyone, well see you next time once again. Bye bye and enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to check out the past updates as well.

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Shades Of Pink

Justine Jolie and Kirsten Price are two amazingly hot women that we have for you in the sweetheart video update for this day. The two women have quickly climbed in the porn scene as of late and this fine day they’re here to show off what they got in this superb and sensual video scene. They play the role of two women that have had it with their guys just not being able to please them anymore, so they had to resort to pleasing one another and still stay faithful to their men. Because they’re technically not cheating on them.

They’re just having some all lady lesbian sex fun for the afternoon with no guys allowed. So without further due, let’s sit back and watch what these two mature sluts have on store for you today. As any superb sweetheartvideo sex session starts with some a passionate kissing they start off with that and then continue to massage and caress one another’s nude and eager bodies until it’s time to get down to business and take care of their pussies. So watch them masturbate each other in front of the cameras too. Enjoy guys and see you next week once more.

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Girls Kissing Girls

In this sweetheart video update that we’ve got for you, we have Jessie Andrews having sex with her best friend Ryan Keely for your viewing pleasure today. The two women aim to share one sexy and sensual afternoon together and nothing is going to stop them from doing so. In this scene they are old friends and since they haven’t seen each other for quite a while they decided to catch up on things and chat a bit. But if there’s one thing you know by now of all of our sapphic erotica ladies it’s that they can rarely hold back their horny feelings towards each other.

So have fun watching them in the following porn new scene, as they have some sweet girl on girl sex just for you. When they get turned on enough thy start taking their clothes off to reveal some very sensual bodies. And they also reveal their sexy lingerie sets that would turn any guy on if he saw them for that matter. So watch them have hot lesbian sex and just enjoy the sweetheartvideo show everyone. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next week with more like always. Be sure not to miss it though we’ll have some treats for you. Bye!


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Sweetheart Video – Allie Haze loves teen babes

Allie Haze and Jayden Cole are today’s lovely ladies that will entertain you in the sweetheart video gallery today. The two ladies went for a lovely and relaxing vacation together, but it seems that the two women have trouble with their lust. Meaning they just can’t keep it in check and always feel horny. And there’s only one solution to that problem every time. You guessed it, it’s to let it loose and just enjoy the sex. It didn’t even take them ten minutes from arriving to get naked and start having fun together in the afternoon.

In their defense the flight was delayed, and they got very bored on the flight, but now it’s time to unwind and put that thing behind them. Their clothes flew off of them rather quickly and before you knew it the two were already in bed and kissing very passionately. But that was just the opening to their lady on lady session today as more hot and naughty things followed. So watch the two lesbians have sex on the bed in their private room this afternoon and enjoy. We’ll be back next week with more and you won’t want to miss that update. Bye!


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Mother Lovers Society

In this week’s sweetheartvideo update we bring you two more lusty women with a passion for lady on lady fun. The two women that are the poster ladies for this scene are Skin Diamond and Presley Heart. And you won’t regret taking some time to enjoy this amazing and awesome gallery today. Miss Diamond you have seen before in our updates and today she’s making a comeback in force for her follow up scene. This time she was paired with Presley another slutty woman just like her and these hot lesbian cuties both like to go all out in their sessions.

And that’s a good thing since we have some extremely enticing footage to show if them. We left them do their thing expecting sparks to fly, and they lit a whole fire. You just have to see these two little sluts go at their girl on girl session today just for you. They start off with one sensual and sexy kissing session before moving onto more exciting stuff, like taking care of one another’s eager pussies for the cameras. So watch them fingering each other and see them both orgasm and cum in this superb sweetheart video guys. See her two other slutty babes fingering and pleasing each other! They are amazing! See you next time!


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Porn confessions

Hey again guys, for this one we have one sweetheart video porn gallery for you to enjoy. In this one we have a experienced MILF with big and round tits giving some tips and lessons in lesbian pleasures to a friend of hers. Their names are Aubrey Addams and none other than the super sexy and curvy porn star Gianna Michaels. Both of these slutty lesbians are ready to put their A games on and show what they can do for the cameras today. So without further due, let’s sit back and enjoy this two sizzling hot porn stars as they do their thing.

Gianna offered her experience to help Aubrey see just how good can two ladies feel when they get intimate and she wasn’t going to let her go until she was completely satisfied with her. And trust us Gianna has quite allot to show. The sexy long haired brunette shows her friend how some experienced hands feel caressing your body and afterwards you can bet that she went down on her pussy to show her how real oral sex feels like. Watch them have some enticing sweetheart video for your enjoyment today. Bye guys!


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Sweetheart Video – Lesbian Hitchhiker

Time for another fresh free sweetheart video gallery update. Today we bring you two amazingly sexy lesbian girls that have fun on a little road trip. The two women are named Julia Ann and Celeste Star. Julia was driving back from her workplace in her car and she stumbled upon one horny hitch hiker along the road, namely Celeste. Celeste was anxious to reach her destination but it seems that the woman forgot her wallet at home, so she had nothing to pay Julia with for the ride.

But no worries, the sweetheartvideo blonde vixen has another thing in mind. And what do you know Celeste actually looked forward to the whole thing as she’s very much into lesbian sex. You just have to see these two incredible women go at it today. Watch them have their all women fun today and enjoy guys. We’ll see you next week once again, with more hot lesbians just for you. Right before you go out, take a look at another couple of lusty lesbians, willing to make your wishes come true! Bye bye!perverted milf having lesbian sex in the car

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Elexis’s Unleashed Video

Today’s sweetheart video update has another interracial pair of women getting crazy together by themselves for the evening. Elexis is one hot and sexy ebony woman with perky tits and short curly hair. And today she’s going to show her best friend how women have fun when they are all alone and guys aren’t around. In this one you’ll get to see both of these hot porn stars licking some eager pussy and just have fun with the whole thing. Suffice to say Elexis needs to teach her friend first because she was curious and well, Elexis just loves playing the tutor.

So without further due, sit back and enjoy seeing this porn gallery with two incredibly sexy women going all out for their girl on girl sex session. You’ll be able to see them do all kinds of crazy stuff, from some fast and hard fingering scenes to some very sexy and enticing tribbing where they get to grinding on one another’s tight pussies. So don’t waste any more time and take a look at the amazing and hot sweetheartvideo right now. Enjoy these two sexy lesbians and see you next week, so be sure not to miss the next update guys. Until then!


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Sweetheart Video – Asian Beauties

Hey guys, we here again and today we have one awesome treat for you today. In this all lady sweetheart video session we bring you a pair of two Asian hotties that will simply rock your world. These two beauties are here to show you how women like to have fun with each other in the far east, and trust us, they really do have some things to show off. So let’s sit back and see them share with everyone some nice scenes of lesbian pussy pleasing for your viewing pleasure, you won’t regret this we guarantee it. But we digress.

In the start of the scene the two women in this video are sitting on the couch and simply chatting. But soon the spirits get hot and the two start to caress one another sensually and also start to kiss. And with that you know what comes next, the clothes simply start to fly off of them and once they’re naked they can better enjoy the hot lesbian sex. Watch them lick each other’s wet and eager pussies and see them enjoy themselves for the whole afternoon. Enjoy and see you next week with one more awesome sweetheartvideo guys!

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