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Jayden Lee and Melissa Jacobs

Hello there ladies! How about a new and refreshing sweetheart video ? In what follows you are about to watch and enjoy these two hot babes in action! These two chicks lost a bet and after all that fooling around they ended up together in bed! They were aware of all that deep and intense pleasure that was about to follow so they decided to leave the house and where all that party was and to head to Jayden’s place! These two chicks were both invited to this birthday party! They haven’t seen each other in quite a while and it was their occasion to do something more than talking! At this crazy party they had a bed with two other girls and they were playing soccer, after loosing they both went to one of the bedroom that they found empty upstairs!

It was a sunny day of summer and as they were both so heated up they thought they might do something about it! So they wanted to have a shower, but they never got there! Cause when they saw that big bed they thought they might have some fun! So they started to kiss while they were on each other and while they were rubbing their pussies! Soon after that they took turns in shoving those fingers into those wet holes until climaxing! If you wanna see more amazing stuff, feel free to have a look around!


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