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Sweetheart Video – Allie Haze loves teen babes

Allie Haze and Jayden Cole are today’s lovely ladies that will entertain you in the sweetheart video gallery today. The two ladies went for a lovely and relaxing vacation together, but it seems that the two women have trouble with their lust. Meaning they just can’t keep it in check and always feel horny. And there’s only one solution to that problem every time. You guessed it, it’s to let it loose and just enjoy the sex. It didn’t even take them ten minutes from arriving to get naked and start having fun together in the afternoon.

In their defense the flight was delayed, and they got very bored on the flight, but now it’s time to unwind and put that thing behind them. Their clothes flew off of them rather quickly and before you knew it the two were already in bed and kissing very passionately. But that was just the opening to their lady on lady session today as more hot and naughty things followed. So watch the two lesbians have sex on the bed in their private room this afternoon and enjoy. We’ll be back next week with more and you won’t want to miss that update. Bye!


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